I'm Greg Phillips, I started in the family business in 2001. Currently I am 100% focused on helping businesses adapt their storage and logistics to the COVID-19 pandemic, and navigate through a fast-changing landscape.

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Having worked with Dealer Principles, Parts Managers and Store Architects for over 30 years, we’ve learnt a lot about the unique needs of automotive dealerships.

To accommodate your storage requirements we’ve expanded our service offering to include a range of industry-specific storage solutions, find out how we can make it easy for you…

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pallet racking calculator

If you are looking for a ballpark figure on how much your pallet racking project will cost, this calculator can help provide you with an indicative estimate to get you started.

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Get your warehouse safety tested for free...

Free online tool

How safe is your warehouse? Warehouses are amongst the most dangerous places to work in Australia, and are heavily regulated. To get an overview of your current safety levels, click below and fill in the short form, our specialist team will analyse your answers and come back to you with findings and recommendation.


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